Vacation Mode

I guess that I have finally set into vacation mode.  I can tell when I sit back and try to think about what I have done that day and it involves lying in bed, watching TV, and then driving aimlessly around the island in search of sun.

It has been raining for six weeks here in Hawaii, and there are landslides and a lot of unhappy tourists everywhere you look.  Everything smells because of the rain.  There has never been weather like this, and people are frowning in paradise.  Me, I like rain and bad weather and funny situations, like the fact that the entire sewer system for Honolulu broke down, sending millions of gallons or raw sewage into the public canal here which empties into the ocean.  For a few days, everything was fine, and the shit was carried directly out to sea, but in the last two days, the wind has shifted, and it has officially caused the most famous tourist beach, Waikiki, to close down.

It is an interesting sight.  Tourists in raincoats lining up along the coastline staring forlornly at a stew of brown bacteria-infested sludge.  It is also surreal, because normally, this stretch of beach is just buzzing with surfing lessons and catamarans, people splashing around…  but it is entirely devoid of anyone except for the occational Japanese tourist who cannot read the English signs wading out or throwing their toddler into the mess before a lifeguard comes down to explain that they are at risk of serious infection and disease.

But life is OK, and if I wanted this vacation only to get ready to face working in Japan again and everything that goes with it, it seems to be doing the trick.  I am anxious to get back!

Looking forward to an ohanami with the other refugees, even if it is under naked sakura trees.  We can imagine, no?

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