The Rocker has included me in a pitch he made to a festival in Korea. If it works out we get a great networking opportunity, and also the chance to meet face-to-face to discuss a lot of the Taiwan festival issues that we are now working on.  He’s also asked me to start working on a scheduling plan for our festival.

Cirque Theatrical wrote me back saying that they would love to be a part of the Taiwan festival, and they are willing to work through us as the sole booking entity… the show they want to do is definately family friendly, and won the silver medal at the big annual circus festival in Paris last year.

It turns out that The Contortionist will also be available after August as her contract with Cirque Theatrical terminates at that time.  I haven’t told her anything about the Taiwan project, but I can definately say that she is a real asset to any project she is involved with, so I mentioned it to The Rocker.  I’m not interested in trying to get back with her or anything; this is strictly professional.