I was hesitant to teach in Japanese Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools at first, but in the end, I actually enjoy it!

However, now that I know I’ll be leaving in the summer, I need to write the English teaching company and quit.  My plan was initially to wait until the last week of the school year and then to give three-month’s notice, but they just offered me a full-time contract as a manager with quite good pay and possibility to advance rapidly in the company.

I could have just shut my mouth, signed the contract, worked for higher pay for 4 months and then said that I was quitting because of some family emergency or something like that, but I just don’t believe in such dishonesty.

Instead, I offered to work April-June, full time and help find and train a replacement including accompanying them on their first week or so teaching in the schools since lack of a transition seems to bother the schools more than actual turnover in the teachers.

So we’ll see, they may scrap my employment immediately and start fresh with someone else.  So be it.  I just think that this was the best way to honestly propose a solution to my upcoming departure.