A Canadian Partner

I met with a Montreal producer visiting Tokyo yesterday.  We got on really well and just sort of hung out around Tokyo, chatting, and looking at girls for about 8 hours.


I really think that he and his company could benefit from supporting new circus development in Asia and Japan.  They want to reopen an out-of-business theater in Japan and run it like a Canadian theater with emphasis on bringing cool art people together from both sides of the Pacific instead of on making lots of money, essentially what The Rocker is trying to do in Taiwan, and what I am trying to do between Taiwan and Tokyo.

Their problem is that they do not have a project to sell yet.  My problem is that I do not have a government or an organization behind me to lent a little weight and credibility to the project when I talk to people.

If we could combine this project with theirs so that it showcases not only what we are trying to do artistically in this show but also what can be done in Asia, I think it is a win-win situation all around, potentially guaranteeing us a venue in Japan for future projects.  This is huge.  I just thought of this while the two of us were getting drunk together, and mentioned it in passing.  He seems interested, but needs more details.  He is in town a few more weeks, so I will try to set up another meeting, but first, it is this Saturday at a bar for a Montreal-style party.

I imagine that this organization that he is with has access to some sweet government grants to bring Canadian art to other countries.   If we can combine a pull from Canada with the push that we have from Taiwan, and me here in Japan staying in contact with local investors…could be great!

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