We took a big step forward on the Sri Lanka project, and I finally met this guy from Sony who is managing this show…  a very cool guy. 

I had to make a “lowest budget possible” in terms of artists fees so that they know what we are working with…  I suggested a team of 5 people, a musical director, a director, me, maybe some acrobats from Canada/Europe, and maybe some of the Taiwanese artists.  The major costs are like that of the last gig in Taiwan, fees, plus room, board, and travel, but the point is that it will be a big corporate event with all the major companies in Sri Lanka as potential future investors, and we will be televised all over the country.  they are being really perfectionist, and I support that the goal is to maximize production values to make a really good 20-30 minute show.  

He is in the process of trying to find a corporation in Sri Lanka that will be willing to look at it as a full-on investment, which would allow us to earn corpo rates for each show plus rehearsal, room, board, and travel.

Next week I’ll meet with people who are interested in bringing the Taiwan project to Japan.  I have a good feeling about it from all that I have heard about these people. 

Staying in the zen zone.