Acrobat Sensei

On the Taiwan side, it seems that the little video I made of my act and for the festival is doing its job for The Rocker in his meetings in Taiwan.  I wasn’t sure it was up to snuff when I finished it in my tiny little tatami room.  The investors who have seen it have been really positive, but as The Rocker says, “it helps a bit if they nothing about performance.”  His point is that it keeps them out of our hair and in the position of throwing the money where it needs to go.

My experience teaching in Taipei has encouraged me to explore in parallel the possibility of teaching workshops in movement and clowning, etc, etc, in the style of Jacques Lecoq and the work we did at ENC…  for example, I could go to Taipei with a curriculum that could support future work for shows with The Rocker later…  just something to introduce some ideas that can then incubate for a month or two so that we are not introducing everything all at once during the creation.

I am counting on Taiwan to be my main source of revenue for 2006, for better or worse.  The only annoyance right now is that sloshing sound of money going down the drain!  What would help me feel a bit more stable is to understand dates (the sooner I can be in Taiwan and the longer I can stay hooked up with paying projects, the better), and budget.  I’m not panicking, though; things always have a way of working out in the end.

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