Just Take It In Stride

So I didn’t get the job from Global Live Entertainment; it is a bit of a disappointment, but that is the business!

I’m starting Japanese lessons again through private lessons with my former Japanese teacher.  While I’m pretty good at understanding spoken Japanese (except on the phone) I would really like to read and write Japanese, and perfecting my spoken Japanese.  I am still training as much since I only work the mornings…  but I am much more tired when I get home, so I am not getting as much business done at night.  Luckily, I have lots of days off, so I will be able to catch up then.  Unemployed life is fucked up, but at least things are moving.  I am happy, but confused.  I hope when work starts on the Taiwan project in March, it will clear my head.  This producing stuff can drive you crazy!


My attention is shifting to developing the network I’m establishing here in Japan and showing them what The Rocker and I can do by adding circus and multimedia to their projects.  Multimedia can really make a show look very modern and large and affect a public in an emotional way.  The Rocker did great work with a very spiritual and famous dance company in Taiwan where dancers move in a very minimal and spiritual way with a film projected behind them.  A very moving show…  he said that if Japan ever needs such services, he is willing to contact his people, a Vietnamese and a Japanese couple who work together to create such things.

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