I’m starting Japanese lessons again through private lessons with my former Japanese teacher.  While I’m pretty good at understanding spoken Japanese (except on the phone) I would really like to read and write Japanese, and perfecting my spoken Japanese.

The National Theatre really liked The Rocker’s presentation for the show!  I’m using what I learned by preparing that presentation to tailor-make one for the Sri Lankan project.

All I need to do now to feel a bit more stable is understand the fiscally relevant aspects of the Taiwan project: dates (the sooner I can be in Taiwan and the longer I can stay hooked up with paying projects, the better), and budget.  I am counting on Taiwan to be my main source of revenue for 2006, for better or worse.  The only annoyance right now is that sloshing sound of money going down the drain!  I’m not panicking, though; things always have a way of working out in the end.

On the Taiwan side, it seems that the little video I made of my act and for the festival is doing its job for The Rocker in his meetings in Taiwan.  I wasn’t sure it was up to snuff when I finished it in my tiny little tatami room.  The investors who have seen it have been really positive, but as The Rocker says, “it helps a bit if they nothing about performance.”  His point is that it keeps them out of our hair and in the position of throwing the money where it needs to go.

The Rocker says that if they can see that they could make money in the south of Taiwan they might be willing to consider the jump over to Japan.  One thing is sure, it will be hard – nearly impossible – to get a Japanese company to take on the risk themselves.

The Activist is getting all the inside information on the Sri Lankan project about what they are looking for so that our proposal meets exactly that are looking for when they start looking for potential groups; we’ll be ‘first in line.’