The Year of the English Teacher

While 2005 may not have ended in the best way for a lot of reasons, it looks like the worst is over for me right now; I have a visa extension of one year starting next week, and money to stay in Japan for two months which means that I will be staying at The Refugee Camp at least until March.

The way this happened was by getting a job teaching English part-time in the Japanese public schools from mid-January to mid-March, which will give me enough money to subsist on.

So it looks like all major problems are solved…  I just lose a little bit of time that I would have liked to be available to work on producing these projects, but for now, that is life, and it is just for two months.  After that, I think I can leave without anyone being upset.  They English lesson company told me there may be a manager position open in the long term, but I am not sure I want a full-time position with them because of the work I want to do on my own projects.

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