A few job possibilities are materializing that should allow me to get a visa and on top of that, a whole bunch of new people seem to be interested in the Taiwan show – enough to have booked meetings over the next week with someone new every other day.  Of course, all this happens Just as I am supposed to leave in two weeks!

Still, the plan is to leave January 11th unless something concrete materializes, and by something concrete I mean: I can get a visa and will have income of 2000US a month.

So we will see.  The Activist has generously offered to help cover my ticket back to Japan if I have to leave, but I feel really uncomfortable about accepting such a favor, even though she says it is her company that would pay for it as an investment in a future artist/political activist…

The internet is worse than ever, right now, and because I am interviewing like mad, I only get to check email in Shinjuku every other day or so.  We are supposed to have a new connection starting January, so things might improve starting then.