Superspy Mythos

A friend of mine told me that my life out here sounds like an anime – asked if I’ve been fighting off attackers on motorcycles…I wish I could say that I was, but the only part of my life that comes close to these fantasy visions is some watered-down version of the hard-drinking, “love-em and leave-em” cliche of the superspy mythos.

Which was cool for a long time, I guess, but it is true that as thirty catches up to you, you start to wonder what the future is going to hold.

But on the other hand, with a hip-flask of tequila in your breast pocket and your index finger hooked around a Cuban at a jazz club “somewhere in Asia” as a mysterious woman with an accent looks happier and happier to see you as the night goes on, there is something to be said for the superspy mythos…

That’s not to say this is what I do on a day to day basis…  moments like that are just perks.

So that’s me, living a life that is stressful with money that comes in spurts… I wish I was more responsible with it, I wish I was less lonely sometimes, but I am glad that there are enough distractions around when I am…

Maybe I’ll even try to get in a fight with one of these scooter-kids out here tonight.

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