Ai yi yi.  I need to get my mind back into things now.  Things are just so complicated and crazy.  Time moves very fast when you have no structure.  still waiting on all those contracts, but things seem to be really moving together on The Rocker’s project for Taiwan.  Work is supposed to start in Taiwan in late spring to create two shows… a big one for the National Theater and a small one for an experimental space which are both supposed to premiere as part of an arts festival that The Rocker will be directing.

It seems as though I should be expecting to be in Taiwan from late spring to the end of 2006, especially if it looks like there’s any chance to tour through Japan.

This all got me thinking to meet with people who know about running festivals in Japan right now.  It looks like it may be our best bet for bringing the show here.  Full day of meetings again tomorrow!

I hate to say anything about it because nothing is signed, everything depends on everything else, etc, etc, but obviously, this project moving forward would be a good thing for me. 

Unfortunately, this is not exactly what I had really been hoping for over here in Asia.  Clearly, people with money to invest in live performance in Japan see new circus as Cirque du Soleil, and that is that!  Their pockets may be deep, but everyone is so conservative-minded.  Very frustrating.  So that is what was all falling apart last week.  A big bunch of no’s came through, which represented about six weeks of full-time work for free.  

I feel empty but have to pull myself together for these meetings tomorrow.  Who knows if it might work.