Expanding the Circle of Contacts

Well, the good thing about not having a job is having the time to meet so many people with interesting stories to tell from such different perspectives.  I am meeting so many crazy people here, and it is just all too wild.  Politicians, show-business people, a political activist, all these journalists…

My goal is to expand this circle of contacts wider and wider such that I can meet with someone new about every day and keep up the momentum.

Networking strategy part 1: Fishing at parties

Ah, the party life.  Show people can’t stay away from it, so the best place to meet them seems to be while drunk at someone’s house.  I met the head of a large-scale event (operas, musicals) and TV producer at the house of the Japanese ambassador to Iraq where we were being entertained by the future Libyan ambassador to Japan.  Good meat, good conversation, 9 bottles of wine downed by 4 men.  I’ll be connecting with him again in the next couple of weeks to get a couple new contacts and his corporate information.

Networking strategy part 2: Reeling them in and cross-pollenating

So I have a few fish biting.  How do I keep them interested as long as possible without risking giving them too much all at once – that might work against me in the long run if they decide it’s not what they want before even I know what the project is.  I’ll let them digest the possibility for a good while, and if I feel that things are getting cold, I’ll introduce the most interesting of my contacts to each other and see how that goes.  That will buy me some more time and by the time things start to cool off again I will hopefully have much more information based on the research we’re doing Taiwan… names, companies, etc.

I do not think that anyone takes these sorts of discussions as binding in any way.  People just want to understand what it takes to win this game.  I’m always clear that I’m only asking exploratory questions right now, and that nothing is written in stone and everyone seems OK with that.

Well, that is my strategy anyway.  I don’t want to over-promise and risk losing face.  If everything blows up, I want to be able to say, “ah well, it would have been nice,” have a drink, and there are no hard feelings anywhere.

I have meetings with all of them in the next couple of days, at which time I wanted to show perhaps a ‘best of’ of The Rocker’s and my past work which I will rip to DVD because they will think that is cooler than if I have to go online to find it during the meeting.

Am I taking this all to seriously?  Am I moving too fast?  The possibility excites the hell out of me, and I have all kinds of ideas about how I could proceed if the interest is there in terms of funding, publicity, etc, but I keep that in my brain when I am trying to sleep for now.

Roppongi Hills

But shit, if this one venture works well for everyone involved, there is huge opportunity to start a market for Asian acrobatics/multimedia/live music crazy shit that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

Carve out a niche, and we can be sitting pretty with projects galore!

I don’t know if this is all pipe dreaming, but The Rocker seems to think it is a possibility, so that is what is keeping me calling these guys every week or so, saying precious little about anything concrete, just letting them know that a show is happening, and that maybe it might be kind of nice to possibly see if we can find a way to discover an opportunity to bring it to Japan.

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