I seem to be working a 20 hour week for these companies over here… I hope they remember me when paycheck time comes around!

I had a good meeting today with a designer.  I showed him The Rocker’s web site and explained the kind of work that he’s done, what we have done together, and gave some scenarios of things that we might be able to do with this company.

His company is a design company that gets contracted for jobs by advertising firms.  He offered to make a mock advertising campaign for the show that will help explain the project to interested investors in Japan and Taiwan.  He would do this free of charge, and sell it to the numerous clients who pass through his office looking for ideas of things to do…  I think it is a good idea, as I am noticing that the Japanese businessmen I am talking to are very visual.  You can talk all you want, but until they see a diagram or something, nothing registers.

He also asked that I draw up a quick schematic of what a project like this entails.  I can do a basic one myself, but I need to run it by The Rocker quickly to see if there are any things I am forgetting.  I do not think that this is a binding thing, his company just wants to see how many players it will take to win this game.

I tried to explain the way of doing things in Canada and Europe… this sort of ‘do it yourself, it’s just so crazy it just might work’ kind of philosophy.  I think they understand it in theory, but the idea of lots of little companies banding together to get something done is a little weird here, I gather.  they are used to a big company footing the bill and taking little companies along for the ride, which I think contributes to why there is very little innovation in the performance art produced here in Japan.

Right now I’m trying to pull together the following:

-programs and brochures of The Rocker’s past shows to cannibalize for his campaign

-a corporate profile of any potential Taiwanese investor organizations.

I wanted to reiterate to him that The Rocker and I are only asking exploratory questions right now, and that nothing is written in stone.  If it ends up being impossible to plan, we will just walk away, and I want him to be OK with that.  He seems to understand this, he is interested in the fact that through talking with me he is meeting new clients and that is worth it all for him.

Speaking of meeting new people – ah, the party life.  Show people can’t stay away from it, so the best place to meet them is drunk at someone’s house.  I met the head of a large-scale event (operas, musicals) and TV producer at the house of the Japanese ambassador to Iraq where we were being entertained by the future Libyan ambassador to Japan.  Good meat, good conversation, 9 bottles of wine downed by 4 men.  I’ll be connecting with him again in the next couple of weeks to get a couple new contacts and his corporate information.

I also met a the owner of the PR half of a production/PR company interested in expanding its influence internationally but that lacks contacts in Europe, USA, etc.  I was thinking of setting up a little exchange of contacts that might secure us some chances of getting venues here in Tokyo.

I guess that is it for now.  My goal is to expand this circle of contacts wider and wider such that I can meet with someone new about every day and keep up the momentum.