Had a frustrating meeting with a really well-connected producer last night about the project.  i won’t go into detail, except that it took the wind out of my sails when he basically said if we want to take a show to Japan, we need to have it a zero-risk investment for the company here.  That is to say, if we could guarantee the investment, he knows of companies who would secure theaters, advertising, etc, but that no one would take the risk on an unknown company’s show.  

The other possibility he saw was to do a real small thing… find a theater of 300-500 size and do the show there, maybe we could share the risk with a publicizing company and the theater. 

I have more meetings coming up, but they are with bigger and bigger people in the industry, so i am worried that I am going to start really being overmatched soon.

They are interested in seeing a final project, though, to see what all this noise I’ve been making is about.