After my pitch last week I’ve managed to finally confirm a face-to-face meeting with one of my Adco contacts who has expressed interest in producing a circus show in Tokyo.  Even though they seem to be looking for a show, I can tell they are understandably skittish, as this is not the kind of thing that is done in Japan.  I want to get them excited about the idea of bringing the Taiwan show here for even a limited tour, like one week, just to make a million dollars with that to prove to them that such an exchange can work.

These guys love looking at the numbers, and they love investors with fancy names and name cards.  It seems that the name and the image is 10 times more important in Japan than anywhere else I have been in the world.

My visa is quickly expiring, not to mention my money.  Three job offers, but nothing is coming in.  That glacial pace of Japanese business again…

I want to stay positive, but I feel the clock ticking and ticking.  hope it will all work out – still hoping for good news Japanside.