The Ticking Clock

Three job offers, but nothing is coming in, my visa is quickly expiring, and I’m running out of money.  It’s that glacial pace of Japanese business again.  I want to stay positive, but I feel the clock ticking.  I’m trying to find work in Taipei as a contingency plan to get me through this dry patch.

The Rocker thinks that a Japanese speaker and a Chinese speaker both able to speak English and French could really grab a corner of the Asian performance market.  He says “there is a demand for creation of modern circus/multi media here in Asia, we know how to do it, and if we want to keep our visa papers and all that shit, well, money talks!! And it talks the same language as my girlfriend’s father!!!”  I hear that.

The big picture is exciting!  Asia seems underdeveloped in terms of creation of modern work.  It’s frustrating when you see the raw talent of the performers here without any modern projects to showcase their energies. There is such a lively underground (butoh jazz?), and there are all these rich people going to these tiny bars to see it all, I can’t help but think Japan would be open to see a show like the ones I saw in Taiwan.  With so many talented performers here and no locally produced shows to feature them, The Rocker could establish himself as the leading creator of modern circus in Asia, I could develop my production skills, and together we could set up an all-Asia event producing company starting with a Japan-Taiwan strategy to connecting his Taiwanese investors to Japan.  If we could combine the Asian way of doing business with the Western way of creating shows, we have the potential to open the Asian market in new ways.  His network in Taiwan that is exactly what I should be working to set up in Tokyo: investors in new styles of performance, production know-how, etc.

We need to pull these investors’ information together so that we can pitch some sort of project ASAP.

Yes, things move slowwwwwly here in Japan and there is an obvious downside to that, but there is also the upside:  we do not need to wait until everything is figured out to pitch our idea.  Some of the logistics will be cleared up as investors speak with producers.


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