Jillikilli Gimtadienis

My landlord didn’t pay internet or something so for the last week I have been without email at the apartment.  Despite their continuous assurances that it will be fixed soon, There has been no luck.  So I’ve have made my way down to Shinjuku to log in at an all-night internet place.

My birthday celebration was nice and small, with a massage in Ikebukuro from my roommates (well, paid for by my roommates, anyway), a pair of silver cufflinks, and dinner at the top of the tallest building in Tokyo, overlooking the mouth of Sumidagawa, Tsukiji market, the emperor’s park, and the financial district.  The Contortionist sent me a nice silk sweater from Italy, made in China.  Delicious dinner, and way too expensive, but as we told each other, it was a chance for the three refugees to play make believe on my birthday; all dressed up like bankers and models.

CIMG5170.JPGWe had a delicious sherry that had a very, very dry taste, almost like a Spanish port, a Chilean red that tasted like a bullfight, and to wash it all down before the coffee, some grand marnier.  I went with the whole seven course meal, whereas my bird-appetite like friends took the five course variety.  The highlight for me was the braised scallops and the sirloin steak with wasabi sauce.


All three of us refugees trying to make it in Tokyo for a few months are feeling the pressure of an approaching end.  When they go back to Lithuania depends largely on when their working contracts end here.  For me, it depends on if any of these projects get a start.

My dad gave me his birthday gift today – he’s covering part of my credit card bill and school loans.  Extremely helpful right now as I’m running out of funds!

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