My best friend from MIT wrote me today – I’ve never heard him sound so down.  It makes me feel like passing through Boston soon would be a good idea.  It has been almost a year since seeing him in person, and that has been too long.

Obviously, he’s as shaken as we all were by the passing of our mutual friend and cornerstone of our MIT community, but he’s talking about abandoning musical projects that he’s been developing for years now.

I’d like to start thinking about a tentative structure to travel around the holidays but I also need to be on standby for the Taiwan project right now.

I guess if everything goes perfectly, I would be in Boston around Christmas to see MIT friends, do a quick drive to the Midwest to see my family and back, to Montreal to see circus friends and back, then hit Holland to see The Clown, Germany (or Croatia?) to see The Contortionist, and then to Lithuania, before coming back to Boston for a final stay after the New Year and then back to Japan via Hawaii to see my dad if I have time.

That’s if everything works out.  If nothing works out, well, I’ll have two hands full of shit, and that is about it, and will sit in Boston and play with that from the 21st of December to whenever I get over the disappointment of losing everything I am hoping for right now.

If this position with Global Live Entertainment does not work out I am worried about how little time remains for me before I have to leave Japan on December 20th.

That leaves me two and a half weeks to find a Plan B which may not be enough time to find a job working in entertainment.  Maybe I should reach out to start meeting with people now, ‘just in case.’ At this point, any position that will provide sufficient income and a visa to stay in Japan would be great.

I would hate to have to leave Japan because I didn’t start job searching soon enough!