Good News From Taipei and Vilnius

I’m feeling a bit schizophrenic switching back and forth between trying to build a career both as a performer and as a producer in Asia.  I am really enjoying learning about the direction and production side of things, but I can never remove that performer’s hat completely, it seems…  crazy.


So good news!  Things seem to be really coming together in Taiwan and The Rocker is making sure that I’ll be a part of all of it.  The National Theatre is interested in a three-month development period which I guess covers rehearsals and production.  If it covers preproduction as well it might be a great way to teach a physical acting workshop to work with local artists on techniques of what they see as “Canadian-style” physical acting and movement without the stress of having a final product right away.  It would put us all on the same page when we start rehearsals.

It’s still not clear if I’ll be performing or assisting The Rocker as a director or choreographer or what… to be honest, I would be most excited about doing both, but I should wait until I see what he has in mind.

These projects have me really excited to go out to Taiwan again.  I just finished a huge book talking about the political history of Taiwan over the last millennium!  Had my head spinning.  It’s a complicated history that made me question the very notion of nationhood.

Excited as I am about Taiwan, I don’t think I want to live there right now.  Anyways, it’s cheap and fast to fly there from Tokyo, so if the visa situation is resolved I could work between the two countries for the next year or so, I think.


In another part of the world, the former Director of the Lithuanian Pavilion just wrote me to tell me that she has been talking about me to a lot of Lithuanian contacts in theater.  Would be very interested in meeting with them, or even just getting in contact with them over email.  To really move forward, though, I hope to go to Lithuania soon, maybe even just after New Year’s.

She even suggested the possibility of discussing possibilities with Lithuanian TV producers which is an interesting idea that I had not really considered but I don’t think that my Lithuanian is anywhere near good enough for that right now.

Combining it all together…

I’m wondering if there’s a way to build on the Taiwan project by proposing a tour of the show in Tokyo?  My producer friends have been asking me what I think about the feasibility of producing a circus show in Tokyo with foreign artists… might be worth bringing up.

Almost trembling with excitement!  Or maybe just another one of these damn earthquakes..

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