Kamakura Money Laundering

Just got back from Kamakura.  There is an island there that is ruined in the typical Japanese way – the whole thing is paved with steps and handrails everywhere and there is a cave that it is filled with lights and at the end is a big electric dragon statue that roars when you come near it.  But hiking there was fun anyways, and after a while even the terrible things were funny.

But then we went to the Kamakura daibutsu which is really small, maybe 10 meters, but it was made in the 13th century out of bronze, so for the time, it is hard to imagine the engineering that went into such a project.

Then we hiked to a hidden little shrine in the woods that looked about 400 years old, which, I guess it was, as are many others, but most don’t look like it.  This one was decaying and falling all over, and it was great to see that.  It looked very organic and was built on a really steep mountainside, too, so it was fun to climb around it.

And finally was a shrine where you go to wash your money to bring financial luck to your life.  I washed 5000 yen (didn’t want to be greedy washing a 10,000 yen) and then washed a 10 yen to give back to the shrine as a thank you.

Hope it pays off because starting Monday I’ll interview for a job at a major entertainment company that I’ll call “Global Live Entertainment” which will actually be very good for me if I can get it.

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