A Clown In Need…

This cold weather reminds me of when The Clown and I took a short detour to do street performing in a little corner of Northern Italy – even the train ride in was poetry, people sitting to talk with you non-stop in Italian even if you didn’t understand a word.  I miss summer, most of all.

Life is much harder without a friend like The Clown by my side.  Some days I just need to go to a bar and have a drink with someone and talk about women and act stupid and laugh.

I really missed him last night when I went to this all-night jazz festival.  Except for one incredible band, it sucked, but the two of us would have had a really good time there with all the funny shit going on that everyone else missed but that he would have gotten right away.  Good drinks in a huge club with crappy bands.  I was laughing the whole time.

He’s working on two Cirque du Soleil shows right now – one that is supposed to be a clown show and one based on the Beatles.

While I’m a bit envious of my friends having success as performers, I realize that not having a performing contract may actually be helping me as a project producer in Tokyo – to get projects to work, you need to have a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit, and if you are having regular work as a performer, you don’t really need that.  It is a fun life, but still so much stress…

Fuck!  when i think of all the work The Clown, The Artist, and The Tumbler are doing at Soleil, it makes me so proud to know them!  I hope that when this show works out here that they’ll be happy to say that they know a crazy fucker doing shit out in Asia, too!

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