Life is much harder without a friend like The Clown by my side.  Some days I just need to go to a bar and have a drink with someone and talk about women and act stupid and laugh.

I really missed him last night when I went to this all-night jazz festival.  Except for one incredible band, it sucked, but the two of us would have had a really good time there with all the funny shit going on that everyone else missed but that he would have gotten right away.  Good drinks in a huge club with crappy bands.  I was laughing the whole time.

He’s working on two Cirque du Soleil shows right now – one that is supposed to be a clown show and one based on the Beatles.  As for me, I guess I’m waiting for confirmation on three or four cool contracts: one in production, one in direction, and one in performance, and hopefully, one in teaching as well.  That said, I shouldn’t talk about it too much right now, because everything is still being decided.

Beyond those possibilities, though, Japan has nothing in terms of locally-made live shows.  When I ask producers and agents to see what opportunities there are for a foreign acrobat in Japan, people generally just stare at me blankly.  I mean, everyone says that they are interested, but that it is not easy to find work for a new thing like acrobatics!

And it never stops to amaze me how long things take here.  I got an offer for a job ONE MONTH ago, and I still don’t even know what exactly the job is, how much it pays, and how long it lasts, or if I even have an official offer yet.  Next week will be my first meeting with the producers, and after that I may have the chance to sign in a week or two.  So I am waiting patiently, and hoping that it will all pay off next year if I can extend my working visa.

Anyways, what really matters is that I am still having a good time out here, and even better that there are a lot more opportunities in Asia than I had expected.  It’s just so hard to get on a stage out here – we’ll need to do everything ourselves.  But that is where The Rocker is really helping me a lot. He introduced me to all the producers and big names I met in Taiwan, the leaders of a Taiwanese dance company, all cool-seeming people, and he seems to think that working together we could get a project in mainland China next year.

Not only that, he mentioned the possibility of some shows in India (!?!) in the next couple of months.