Aciugiving in Tokyo

I just finished a late-night Thanksgiving dinner that I made for Lithuanian roommates who have never had an American thanksgiving before.  They were very cute this morning, waking me up with a big “Happy Thanksgiving” before thanking each other and me for everything they could think of…

I gave a brief explanation of what the holiday is and how we celebrate it with a lot of different traditions: Macy’s parade, food, family, football, etc.

I skipped off my training today to try to cook them a real turkey and stuffing and corn and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie and apple pie and gravy meal.  The sink in “The Refugee Camp” broke, and it is too old to replace, so I had to make a nice little improvised fix, but really, it works well… so far.  It came out OK.

Turns out that Thanksgiving in the US has a lot in common with Lithuanian Christmas Eve except that their Christmas Eve celebration is more somber and calm occasion.

In all this instability, it’s great to have roommates.  It makes me calmer to have friends around; I can hang out here with them instead of having to always go to a club to try to meet new people.  We all need human interaction, but this way I have friends I already know nearby.

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