Picture from the National Theatre of Taiwan's circus festival

Taipei Part II

Taipei is really very interesting…  I am learning a lot about another Asian culture.  It is weird that the more you travel the more you seem to be affected by these things; you are sort of forced to be more and more open to the experiences facing you. 

Today I got up too late, but that was not so bad really, still had a productive day, and it is only half over. 

Went to a nice museum that was about the history and present of Taipei…  think Expo pavilion for the city.  It was really pretty nice.  Sat in a revolving theater with a bunch of Taiwanese elementary school kids. 

They were amazed to see a Japanese and were all saying nihau…  when i responded, they were even more excited and they all said it one at a time as they got up the courage. 

It is funny.  In japan, I am seen as White, in America I am seen as Chinese, and in China, I am assumed to be Japanese! 

At least the circle has completed itself. 

PICT0024.JPGThen I went to the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101… and it is really tall.  The observation deck is pretty nice, I was asked to take a picture of a dwarf and her boyfriend…  when I did, they then wanted it to be only from the chest up…  felt like I made some weird sort of dwarf faux pas… 

The shopping center around it was interesting too, nice restaurants, the architecture and design was really calming and nice… 

One thing I noticed that is a first for me… 

It seems as though a lot of people throw their used toilet paper in a garbage can next to the toilet instead of in the toilet. 

Makes a man wonder why. 

PICT0056.JPGThere was a really nice bookstore that I browsed in for a while, and then got some Taiwanese McDonalds’ which, like the Playboys, is another tradition I have when I visit new countries. 

These scooters are amazing, and I feel like I am in Taipei on the eve of it becoming really something special… there are so many new construction projects and revamping projects going on… 

Feels a little like Japan did at the end of the bubble period… 

The whole movie at the museum was about the vision of the future Taipei, and the kids were surprisingly enthusiastic about this civil engineering film… that said, I, too, found it really cool. 

And there was a nice movie about performing arts in Taipei, and the dance portion made me shit a live duck right there in the exhibit hall. 


The comedy portion too was good to see, because it gave me a little context for an acting class I have to teach in a few days. 

Tonight, i am making the rounds of all the night markets… the one for kids, the seedy one, the electronics one… etc etc etc. I am guessing it will be like a Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Akihabara, Taiwan style…


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