Travel As Source Material

Today I had a good time helping out my Lithuanian friends at the Lithuanian Day concert at the Expo, hearing the Lithuanian artists, seeing the ballet dancer (yet another Lithuanian Egle), etc.

The Painter, a Lithuanian artist living in Japan on a travel grant talked to me about the politics of the small village where she is living.  From what she says, living in a small village in Japan is still living in a small village, and I guess that can get a little frustrating.

She has plans to travel after the Expo – similar to mine, I think.  I am working on a way to get from here to Bulgaria and ultimately Lithuania and Holland, by boat and rail and car and walking; trying to use the travel as raw material on which can base my next project.

And, like her, I am just hoping that there is a way I can manage to pay for all this.

She has the idea of drawing an image out of someone’s words she’d need to be very sensitive to them in order to make it work.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like.

Hope she hung up her tanabata wishes and that they will come true.

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