Another day at the World Expo

After my first day visiting the Expo yesterday, I was excited to see what more the site has to offer.  I had another day off today, so I returned to see all the pavilions from the Americas and a couple from Europe.

My big favorites from today were the Red Cross Pavilion, the photography exhibit at the UN Pavilion, the Mexican Pavilion, and the Italian Pavilion.

One of the best moments of the day was my coffee break at the Torino Cafe in the Italian Pavilion… reminded me of how much I enjoyed Italy the last time I was there.  Ah well, just a good excuse to try to get back there.

I also visited with some of the sumo rikishi from Mongolia when I stopped by the Mongolian Pavilion to try to buy a jacket that I saw yesterday.  They are really much bigger in person than when you see them on the TV screen.  Impressive.

I saw a tango show at the Argentinian Pavilion which made me wonder what sort of performance events are offered at the India Pavilion, so I stopped by on my way out of the park tonight to find out…  I think I will check out the performance that is happening tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the National Day of Canada…  I am frustrated because I was supposed to perform my circus act at their big presentation on the main stage, but finally, my Toyota contract prohibits me from performing at any other pavilion!  Ah well.