Two acrobats performing as part of "Til Tomorrow" during a special event in Holland

Til Tomorrow

The Clown and I just received word that we have a theater in which we can present our show “Til Tomorrow” in Holland this December.  It is the second production of “Barcode Productions” and the first one that is really written with an international market in mind.  We are really excited and starting the creation process like crazy. 

 I am still doing a lot of personal research to help narrow down a theme for the desert show and to figure out how iIwant to progress with the fundraising and grant writing.  right now, I am interested in the idea of a journey, or an odyssey and trying to see how I can work this in to a structure that will allow us to get across the other themes in a dramatic fashion.  I am reading a lot, On The Road, Douglas Hofstadter’s “Godel Escher Bach,” the odyssey…

 I am interested by the anonymous quality of travellers, and I think that this presents an interesting aesthetic.

 It is really important that the images we take in the desert will still look clear when projected on a screen.  I imagine that this will require a camera at least of the quality of the old canon XL-1, but again, I really don’t know anything about it.  It would be cool if we could also have a camera that would allow us to take images of starry nights but we will be shooting mostly fixed tableau images and interviews as I see the project now.

 The Clown would be filming in the cities, maybe in Las Vegas, which could work well with the theme of the project, but that will be intentionally shot with lower quality hand held stuff, and the editing will be more important as I plan on dilating and contracting time in those images. 

People on the creative team are very positive, and we are looking at “Til Tomorrow” to be sort of an advertisement for “62 days” as far as producers and investors are concerned.  I am feeling very optimistic.

In Montreal, the summer doesn’t want to end, but winter is knocking at the door.  Autumn is lost in the shuffle, and will probably not be able to come see us this year.