Four graduates of the National Circus School of Montreal

The Intersection Of Arts And Business

I’ve been thinking about the business applications of all i have been learning and about serious pursuits in general.

since my first year of circus school, my views on these topics have been evolving rapidly, for example: the tour i did last summer throughout europe performing in festivals and street shows with my best friends out here, all of whom are going to be joining cirque du soleil once school finishes up for us this year.

this was my first real foray into the business side of performance instead of the purely creative side. It was like trying to start my first circus company.  it was an interesting ride, and one that ultimately had to be abandoned, but not before we had achieved all of our first-stage goals in networking and developing a show that we could shop around starting in 2005.  it was a failure, but a cool failure, and none of us are any the worse off for it in the long run.

this summer I’ll i have a summer contract north of here, and nothing is planned after that – the great unknown!