Have picked up a couple more countries since Barcelona.  Street performing was very successful, but the trip to Switzerland was a fiasco.  Not enough room in the car to load all the equipment, so The Clown and I were left off in the middle of France.  Short version of the story is that we had to connect through Paris to get to Torino, Italy.  At least I got a couple of hours in France.  Met up with The Gymnast and some other friends who are visiting there and saw a church with dead people in it.  Lots of churches here have dead people in them.  Went to a rave in a 500 year old castle where my friend was performing and saw his two-person show tonight.  Hope to get a chance to finally see some sights in Europe.  Like the Shroud of Turin, for example, since I am here anyways.  Life is good, meeting a million people a day.  Learning Italian slowly.

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