Kezboards in Europe

So I guess I have entered the part of the trip where I have very little internet access.  We spent a couple of days in Torino after the time in Barcelona.  It was boring from a performance perspective, but I saw an Egyptian museum with dried up people (dead) and the Shroud of Turin.  Then we went for three days to a mini town in Italy where we performed in alleys and on the seaside for an appreciative public.  We had to change the show into a two person show and also adjust to a different country’s public.

The Italians are weird as an audience, but fun to play for.  In alleys and squares, the people who lived in the apartments high up watched the show and afterwards threw money.  It was nice when it was paper, but when it was coins you had to look out if they didn’t warn zou that it was coming.

We spent a daz at the Paleo Festival in Nyon, Swiss, and we got in for free because our friends were performing there in a special circus space they had set up.  I saw Jimmy Cliff and REM, for free.  Good show, made me nostalgic.  Never saw REM live.  Now in Geneva, and the rest of the summer is clear, now.

We go to a small festival for theater tomorrow to perform zet another new show with a new cast of four.  After that, I go to Zurich for a day, Germanz for three dazs, and then end up in Holland for the last week of vacation.  Still searching performance space in Boston and Amsterdam and Arnhem.  Anyway, summer’s well and I’m well and I have no internet access ever and the kezboards here are all different from countrz to countrz.  makes typing a pain.  See zou soon!


Have picked up a couple more countries since Barcelona.  Street performing was very successful, but the trip to Switzerland was a fiasco.  Not enough room in the car to load all the equipment, so The Clown and I were left off in the middle of France.  Short version of the story is that we had to connect through Paris to get to Torino, Italy.  At least I got a couple of hours in France.  Met up with The Gymnast and some other friends who are visiting there and saw a church with dead people in it.  Lots of churches here have dead people in them.  Went to a rave in a 500 year old castle where my friend was performing and saw his two-person show tonight.  Hope to get a chance to finally see some sights in Europe.  Like the Shroud of Turin, for example, since I am here anyways.  Life is good, meeting a million people a day.  Learning Italian slowly.