Two circus acrobats in creation for a street show in Europe

Tour Schedule

Summer performing schedule: 

  • Premiere:                            June 29 in Arnhem, Netherlands
  • Festival al Carrer:               July 3-6 in Viladecans, Spain
  • Various shit:                        July 7-15 in Barcelona, Spain
  • Avignon Off Festival:         July 15-18 in Avignon, France
  • Paleo Festial:                      July 19-20 in Nyon, Switzerland
  • Little Circus Show:            Dates to be determined in Torino, Italy
  • Little Circus Show:            Dates to be determined somewhere in E. Switz.
  • Some Festival:                    July 28-Aug 3 in France somewhere (I forget)
  • Me alone on the street:   Aug 4-6 in Munich, Germany
  • Big street show:                 Aug 6-10 in Paris, France
  • Local theaters:                    Aug 11-19 in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Holland
  • Homecoming:                     Aug 20th? Boston, MA?
  • Various Shows:                  Fall, 2003 

the show is about how we are lonely and sad in the world but that death is always there to remind us that the future we want will never arrive and that the past we find comfort in is gone forever.  it is a comedy and there is lots of theater and circus and acrobatics and monkey tricks in it.  it is 60 minutes long.