4 circus school graduates shooting promotional images

Writing A Circus Act Part 1

i am writing my circus act.  the way i like to do things like this is to sit down for half an hour and force myself to write nonstop for the whole time.  no matter what comes out.  i used to do it with pen and paper, but my hands would cramp up and my head would get so much farther than my hands would that i felt like i was slipping away from myself and losing information and not getting as far as i could.  now i use the computer because i type much faster than i write.  when i’m done, i read what i’ve written a few times and choose about 5 concepts, maybe more, maybe less, that still stand out for me.  those little phrases or thoughts or ideas, i then transfer into a notebook reserved for that, and after a year or two, i have an act or a play or what have you. 

i like is the idea of a character living outside of time, living as if frozen as if caught in a yellowing photograph from the beginning of the 1900’s.  i have the image of a figure in a bowler or derby style hat in a tailcoat covered in dust.  with every step a cloud billows up from the antique, straight lines of his silhouette.  there could be acrobatic moves, each one of which, however, might end up in a stylized very formal sort of pose.  a suitcoat with tails that someone might have been buried in fifty years ago. 

maybe this first incarnation of the number is going to be a dark one.  a tragic one. no sense of redemption.  a death.  a dysfunction.  a descent.  a decadence.  a destruction and a loss.  there will be pain in my character, and a promise of redemption, but one that is never achieved, never realized.   

something fitted and formal in the setting of a circus ring.  could be powerful, useful.  fixed motions, like a rotating one-armed handstand.

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