Suicide Pool

i have an idea for a bit on suicide. 

since we have the kiddie pool, i was liking the image of a guy drowning in it.  this would be a more text heavy piece.  word play.  jokes.  intellectual humor.  that sort of thing. 

guy enters and looks around.  sees the pool.  walks over to it.  maybe takes off his shoes and socks and rolls up his pant legs.  figures what the hell and falls face first in it.  silence for a long time.  maybe he has a watch on.  taps his fingers.  looks at his watch under water.  girl enters.  shrieks.  runs over and pulls him out by the collar. 

girl:  what are you doing?  trying to drown yourself?  think of all you have to live for. 

guy:  (thinks.  thinks.  thinks.  falls in pool.)

girl: stop that!

guy: (spits water at girl)

ha ha ha.  intellectual, remember?

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