Dance ideas for the show

idea for the show.  couple.

first one.  imagine an annoying dance beginning with just the ticking of the clock.  it goes on almost too long.  it’s one of those pedestrian kind of dances, you know.  but then, i suddenly shoot an arm out to my side.  i have memorized the music, so it is synched up to a big bass hit.  do it again, etc, etc, it evolves to this cool hip hop style dance thing.

suddenly, things go wrong.  nothing goes when i move.  ha ha ha.  just ticking again.  then it starts again.  no it is more acrobatic, with different sounds for different moves.  there is a sound for a back flip.

it starts to go crazy, doing them faster and faster.  i can;t keep up so i yell.  everything stops.  i get mad at the booth.  i yell at it.  now the music plays me.  they make the back flip sound and it of course forces me to do one.  i am at their mercy.  all through this, there has been the constant ticking under all the stuff to help me with the timing.  i unplug a cord on the side of the stage and it stops the clicking.  neat, because it is like when the refrigerator or ac turns off when you are at a party and all of a sudden it is more silent then silent.  that kind of thing.

then i really start yelling at the booth.  in gibberish.  there is prerecorded talkback.  we argue.  it getts heated.  you hear a sound like someone from the booth got up and it coming on stage.  im scared, thenm ready to fight.  now there are sound effects of a battle, and i get beat up by the imaginary sound guy.  then i fight back, and it evolves into a reprise of the dance.  i make it look like a duo (?) and we take a little bow together (?)  he takes a little pot shot at me after the bow and then you hear him run off to the light booth.  blackout.

ok, another start of a dance kind of thing.  then there is a black out.

my pretentious dance character quickly does a costume change to a fixit guy with a flashlight.  the whole scene that follows is with the flashlight only.  he has to climb to fix something that is hanging down.

maybe he needs to get to someone.  he points the light at the cieling and it is very clear what the problem is.  when he climbs to fix it, he has to put it in his mouth, so he cant see what hes doing.  ha ha ha.  light is like a portable spotlight for audience.  i see the audience helping out here, somehow.  it would be funny.

i want a set that can be played on.  we may need to ressurect the old set materials from the theatre for this.  i like a clock that would always be on stage and that could be controlled somehow, and that maybe breaks or falls at some point.

it would be funny.  ha ha ha.

i went into manic mode after being in “need to take a shower” mode for about two weeks.  there you are.