Commercial Break

a guy waiting for something.  talks about stuff like waiting for something.  maybe there is a bench.  there are many scenes.  in first scene, he is on bench.  in another scene, he has moved away from the bench.  he does things away from the bench.  in many scenes, that is. 

then, there is a scene.  a girl is sitting in the bench, he is just looking at her.  she took his place.  it is cool.  now he is upset that she took his place.  what happens now?  i like one scene where it is just him looking at her in his seat.  now, think of this:  there is a number or thread or whatever of dance.  now we have set up the whole thing of the numbers being set up around each other.  but what if the guy looks at girl scene is actually in the middle of the dance number; like a commercial break with costume change and everything, as if it is totally inserted into the dance piece.   

now here is the thing; it is the perfect time in the dance piece to have something like that; it makes the dance piece make perfect sense!  do you see?

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