Notes On Moliere’s “School For Wives”

‘what do you like of this city?’ 

‘there are a lot of people, the buildings are built, and its amusements are fun’

-Horace, School For Wives, Act 1 scene 6

interesting idea of keeping someone locked away and isolated for the purposes of preserving virtue.  also, nice dialogue between a person who will not change his mind and a person who has decided that arguing is both necessary and futile.

a guy changes his name just for fun, and it makes all kinds of everyday problems.  i like this idea.  that a person might make a little change just to suit himself, and it causes havoc in his life but he is willing to accept all that for the greater good of self-martyrdom.

i like the pot calling the kettle black in a self righteous way.

a guy offering everything he has politely.  the next guy saying “i need a hundred dollars”  guy has to oblige.  ‘take the purse too.’


maybe we can make the setup and the description of the girl into the same guy who likes her… it would be easy enough to do, i think.

two halves, yes, but by no means equal!

the old cliche of having a person deep in soliloquy and having an uninformed party enter.  the soliloquizer does not see the other and continues.  the other thinks he is having a conversation with the soliloquizor.  in order to me most effective, this conversation must reveal some dark side of everyday interaction.  this is a great way to have a deep, dark, and arty monologue that still gets its point across, but never takes itself too seriously.  think of this as a possibility for zen koans?  we need to get some books on this; i think an online search for koans will suffice.

‘cuckold in embryo’ is funny.

i like the idea of a person saying the alphabet so as not to be angry.

out loud.  a person continues the vexation with obvious results.  ha ha ha ha ha.  ha.

holy god that is a dark play.  interesting read.  i would like to do it one day.

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