Two circus acrobats at a special event for Cirque du Soleil

Third Eye Burned

First Thursday after final exams.  I just got back from Boston at 5:30 this morning because I missed my bus and had to go through Albany to get here.  I was exhausted for a makeup workshop but I got my handstand canes and am sporting a third eye (rugburn on my forehead) from Boston from doing a gainer for distance and not getting enough height. 

In rehearsal today we got our costumes – I’m pretty happy with my tough-guy costume for the animation and my normal costume for the old people scene.  We had to separate into groups and there was a lot of discussion around if we should be in groups of mixed skill levels or similar skill levels. 

I’ll be joining a group with The Clown and The Trapezist.   

In Boston I got to work out with an old friend of mine who was learning some acro for tae kwon do and see my best friend one last time before he moves to the Southwest. 

I’m exhausted and am heading to bed now even though it’s only 9 – good night! 

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