Circus acrobat in second year show at the National Circus School of Montreal

Slowly Ramping Back Up

Calves hurt in a big way today.  Flexi was the preevaluation which sucked because I was so sore.  Dance we made the switch to modern and do not do evaluations at the barre anymore.  In equilibre it was basically just The Dreamer and me, and I did a new type of press when I am crouched between the blocks and then press up, and I also did a crocodile stumpf up to handstand, which was hard, but Larissa was happy anyway.  We talked about some Russian words, and she and I made a bet for two weeks for me to have the full pike for the uskaruschka lower down.  Acro I took it a little easy due to my calves, but in trampo I got a lot of my tricks back, which was a real relief.  I got off early because Byamba is still not back yet.

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