Flying acrobat killing a Thunder Bird in rehearsal for Kosmogonia


Had my evaluation today:

  • Work too hard, making me tired.
  • Need better flexibility and toe point.
  • Need to speak French.
  • Have good potential.
  • Am a true artist.
  • The evaluation concept lacked technique, but was ambitious with all the characters.
  • We needed to go farther.
  • The men overpowered the women.
  • Some looked like they did not offer up ideas.

I passed everything!  There is speculation that some in the first year did not get a good evaluation at all.  ITA was fun, but hard on the body.  I am really starting to get the hang of juggling with clubs and with juggling with four balls.  The Flyer looks good, having come back from Panama with her hair all in braids.  Main a main was a pain with my legs all bent out of shape and having The Dreamer as my partner for the first shoulder mounted handstands.  I also lost my job teaching on Fridays, but supposedly because they need someone who can teach fil de fer.  Movement was fun; we watched our evaluation tape, and then watched some partnering contact improv.  Tried to work extra, but was just too damn tired.  Talked with Alex at length.  He talked about a stair-like workout program with light, medium, intense, and then break day sequence.  He will have me talk with a student of his who understands his program better.  Alex will also talk with me later about the Moscow school to help me make up my mind.  Byamba is still not back.  My wrist is a little better I think.  My article from the technology review got here.  Interesting read, but they got a few facts wrong.  Some Alex quotes: “circus is not all fun.”  “I see your determination and effort, but without direction you are blind.”

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