Acrobats backstage at the circus show "Kosmogonia"

First of the Second

Oh my god.  Two weeks is far to freaking long to be on vacation.  I got to school at 8 so that I could get ready, say hi to people, etc, in addition to getting used to a more morning-like schedule.  Just got in from vacation yesterday at 4, too.  Jeu was fun, we did a lot of warm up things, and finished with the mirror exercise where one person needs to tell a story while the other leads the mirror.  One of the other first years and The Clown went and it was hilarious, and then The Acrobat and one of the high school girls went and it was fantastic and I was paired with The Dreamer. After the pause we changed partners and I went with The Contortionist. We had to declare love to each other.  I ended with crawling under the carpet with The Contortionist.  We had a good time. 

I had prep. physique with Richard for the first time.  It will be much harder, I think.  Then, equilibre with Larissa.  The only injury I have right now is my left wrist.  The bone in it hurts a lot, just the tip of the radius or whatever.  My balance was all off, and I think that that frustrated her.  She and Alex are really hyped about getting me the info for the school in Moscow.  I’m excited that they are so excited, but I am also worried that it will be a huge decision in my future.

Acro was acro, with Esteban being all excited that I went to Mexico, telling me that the best bordellos are in Tijuana, etc.

Trampo was another example of being really out of form.

We are switching to “monkey feet” tight wire, and the whole apparatus came tumbling down before we started due to no one’s fault, really.  The monkey feet hurts a bit, but will be a fun challenge.

Then I did an hour of flexibility, including my active flexibility workout which essentially entails martial arts training (the kicks).

That one teacher who works all the time came up to me and The Clown and said in French that she did not get a chance to talk with us after the evaluation concept, but that she really liked what The Clown, The Acrobat, and I did.  That was nice to hear.

Alex also told me stuff about eating and told me that we will talk about my future sometime.  He said that there are alive foods and dead foods, and that you need to eat the alive foods.  He could not really describe the distinction.  Eggs are alive.  Mayo and canned foods and pasta are dead.  Rice is alive.  Fresh fruit and vegetables and meat are alive.  He said that his main hand-to-hand students understand only a little of what he says, and that he will tell me more day by day.  It is good to be back and to be healed with the exception of my wrist, but two weeks and a half gets you really out of shape in the worst way.  I hope it all comes together soon, but I am relegated to feeling really sore tomorrow.  It was great seeing The Clown and The Acrobat again.  The Tumbler broke his foot falling down the stairs outside his and The Clown’ home!

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