i had a beach dream once.

a man lived on an island and made his living from the sea.

(he was the only man, woman, and child on the island) everyday he went to the beach and went fishing (for fish).

the first severl hours of the dream were following this daily pilgriamage.

him travelling to where the water autistically beats itself into the powdered rock.

on day 134 of the dream, he arrived at the beach and found that the waves had stopped.

the whole of the ocean spred out before him as smooth as an indoor swimmingpool right after the lifeguards open it up in the morning. 


he took it as a sign that he was supposed to climb into a rickety canoe with some rations and see if the same thing had happened on the other side of the ocean. 

that was the rest of the dream. 

i also had a dream about a dog who barked until it died, eyes unblinking and slowly drying out as the world outside his chicken-wire enclosure died and crumbled into dust.  no beach in that one, though.-jt

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