Circus acrobat doing a handstand trick at the National Circus School of Montreal


Bon.  The meeting with the artistic counselor went well.  People and he were very appreciative and impressed with our efforts on the script that we were up working on last night.  The Trapezist said to the group and the counselor that we are lucky to have The Clown and me in the group.  Trampo was on my own, I played around with my bug walking on the wall stuff, The Frenchman said that he likes my trampo style because I do not do hard stuff, but I do original and stylish stuff.  That was cool to hear.  Alex was gone for ITA and the trapeze instructor has I guess quit the school, so the funny ex-student who does trapeze with Natalie is taking over at least for December.  For barre fixe I am really finding my giants again, so I am going for speed and numbers.  I want to do muscle ups on the barre more.  During this class I lost my left contact lens, which made juggling next to impossible.  In main a main I was spotting again due to my knee.  When one of the porters started screaming in the air as usual, I could not stop laughing.  Movement is always cool after I get into it, like everything else in performing arts, it really is just about performing for people.  I decided to go for the comic route tonight.  Doesn’t change that the class is a bit weird sometimes, but it makes me learn something good in it.  I like playing with the other people I present with.  I also like that we all learn from each other and incorporate it into our pieces.  I need to find some music for the new dance assignment tonight.

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