Acrobat juggler and clown training at the National Circus School of Montreal

Burnout and Creation

Okay, Friday:

Flexi with Russian woman was fun, but was redundant with Tuesday’s.

Dance was fine, but I had to sit out of a lot of it.

Larissa’s class was good, The Clown is really getting quite good.

Acro I just lifted weights, Trampo I just did stuff on my back with fulls, etc.

Byamba equilibre was fine, but not spectacular.

Work was work.

The Clown and I wrote most of the evaluation concept in the afternoon.


Work was hellish, but the first really productive evaluation concept meeting took place.  We all went to the Eccentricus show together and saw John Gilkey and the short clown from Dralion.  It was fun and a good show to see.


Saw the result of the stage with the director of the show on Saturday.  It was pretty good, but again with the motif of violence.  Did not seem too creative.


Slept through Jeu after a late night.

Acro I did ½ way.

Trampo was the same, but I did all the beginner crap just fine.

Fil de fer ended early because The Contortionist was not there, but we got to do stuff with juggling and jumping on the wire.  It was fun.

Did a lot of last minute work on the evaluation concept with The Clown since we need to present to the artistic counselor tomorrow, and it all went well. I presented the whole of the new first act and stuff like that, and the people seemed to like it.

The two first years who are rarely there were there today, and one of them came to The Clown and me saying that he was really not thinking of coming back, but that he wanted to be in the evaluation concept all the way.  I told him that we would work him in if we had time, but that it would be a low priority after writing the rest of the show.

A lot of people left early, but we got a fair amount of work done after them, and I’ve been spending the whole night finishing up the first half script.

The Clown and I took a sauna, and he is really pushing this idea of us doing a show together.  He was really impressed with the show I did this summer.  He said that he is learning a lot by watching me be the boss and that he is not as jealous of people who are good at things.  I told him that I was learning a lot from working with him too. 

That’s all good, I think.  Jeez.  I’ve got to sleep.

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