Acrobat holding a New York City souvenier

Feeling The Upswing A Bit

Morning handstands with Byamba, preparation physique in which I did my first solo hollow backs on a mat.  Trampo minor assessment was not bad, and I was surprised that my front skills were a little better than my back skills.  I had to learn a ¾ pike front to my back, and was really lost with no visual cues, but all went well.  ITA was fun, I started out doing the solo porting of The Trapezist and The Dreamer.  At one point, The Dreamer was jerking my back so I dropped her.  Alex said “look at his face, you are hurting him.”  She did much better after that.  Juggling was fine, finished with unicyle and hat evaluations, and then in main a main I was one of the only guys in my group who could complete the figures with the girls, which were standing with them on my shoulders, sitting, pirrouetting, and standing, and having shoulders to feet.  Then we finished with banquine, in which I get to be a flyer!  Yay.  Did a back salto. Getting cold again, yuck.  Sante was boring, and I get frustrated with the non-specific popular science they teach.  The science education here is not like that at MIT.  I guess that should be obvious. The Clown is paying me in fruit beverages to improve his flexibility, and we had our first session today, which was fun.  Pizza night at Ban Thai.

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