Circus acrobats hanging up laundry on a street show tour through Europe

Hey! I’m Actually Getting Better at Stuff!

Well I had the flexibility assessment today, and to my surprise, I actually passed the session’s goals already!  I think that this is a great way to do flexibility.  Work it and work it and work it, and then measure it every two months to see how you have improved.  Great motivator.  Yahoo!

Dance was the first round of assessments, and I did about how I expected I would do.  Barre assessment on Friday.  I think that I am somewhere in the upper half of middle average, if that makes sense.  We shall see, though.  A damn sisson assable combo was killing me at the end of class, though.  Grr.

Equilibre with Larissa was cool, but I need to figure out how to get this back problem fixed, and soon.  I found a Russian magazine of hers, and she told us about this russian singer that was in it and how rich he is (and androgynous).  It was a cool look into her and russian life, even though he’s officialy bulgarian, I think.  Also she said she would take The Clown and I to Russia to look for sexy ladies, because she says that they are there.  Ooska ruchka!  Great class.

I am bothered by my all-Quebecer tumbling class.  I guess I see a little bit of the snobbishness that my roommate Rod told me about the first time I met him.  Oh well.  I started working on cartweel side summie.

Trampo was the same stuff, but I just started my work on my minor evaluation tomorrow.  I like Carol’s classes.  She gave us the day off on conditioning, claiming that everyone looked like ghosts.  Yesterday I was talking about how it is a bit of a shock to all of a sudden be evaluated and stuff in circus school, and hard-core circus lady said ‘you are not the only one.’ 

The Clown wants to do partner flexi with me because I am serious and hardcore too.  He did not do well on his assessment.  I think he’s very impatient, and I can understand that to a certain degree, but I wish he could just let it go.  I also talked with him about having the ‘director’ not be the sole idea source for the group.  I guess it was silly of me to think that he would disagree, but I’m glad we talked about it.

Finally, an hour of equilibre with Byamba.  It was fun.  One of the upper class girls got hurt.  It was her fault, she collapsed after Byamba had helped her to the floor and hit her lip on the stalk.  Cut her lip.  She blamed him, though I think.  I invited him to the show on Satuday, and I think that he will go.  Yeah!  Talked with him a bit about what his training was like in Mongolia.  Also found out that his six kids story is a funny lie.  But his wife is maybe divorced from him?  And he has only one son, and he writes him over email sometimes?  I don’t know.  Maybe also a lie.  But one of his other students told me about this time he sanded the rust off her stairs and denied it, saying that the director of the school did it.  I think he does not like her.  Anyway, he jokes about her a lot.

Did sante and nutrition til late, so I better get to bed.

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