The street performer hotel room - three circus acrobats in a car


Early day.  Jeu was not so good, I was just feeling slow and ideas were not coming.  The Clown and I were selected to do a group exercise for the first example of something in protoimprov.  It was cool and we did well.

Then I had equilibre, after dropping all my freshly cooked pasta on the floor.  I do like that Larissa is so tough on me.  I see it as indication that she has high hopes for me.

Trampo evaluation went really bad.  I think because I was so tense.  All my warmups were good, but the actual evaluations were crap.  Yech.  And in acro, I was misunderstanding instructions and flopping all over the place.

The fil de fer assessment was a little more low-stress, so I took the opportunity to challenge myself by doing the whole assessment on the high wire.

One of our year did not do so well in his trampo assessment; he was told he could not pass the class at this rate.

I did a class in equilibre with The Acrobat, The Trapezist, and The Tumbler.  When one of the other students, he asked me sarcastically if this was my class and I said no and kept working.  The funny thing is that Byamba worked more with me than with him who kept goofing off.  Also, The Tumbler complained that his shoulder hurt a bit to get out of an exercise or two.

Then, after a bit of shuffling around, in three high columns, I felt the connection to the base for the first time!  Yahoo!  Just when I was about to give up hope and say I was not cut out for it.

Planche I also found the rhythm on for the first time.  You need to push immediately after coming in contact with the board, and not before, or you just rebound off the wood, which I was doing.  I just need to control where I land, and things will be great.

Things to remember:

Man, my kicks look good with my newfound flexibility!

Showing off muscles with the guys.

Byamba pushing The Acrobat down while saying “alle, alle,” to punish him for not working.

Trying a manna for the first time with Byamba’s help (2 months, I told him)

Talking late with The Trapezist about social life.  She says I’m complicated.  I told her I just tell people what they tell me.


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