Circus acrobats at the bottom of an empty swimming pool in Montreal

Good Old Day

Equilibre in the morning is a very different animal, but not really unpleasant.  There is a different vibe and it is much more introverted.  Byamba really does seem a little sick.  Did I mention how funny Byamba is when he kicks the crap out of a student who tries to challenge him?  He just calmly ties them up in knots while they scream for mercy.  One time, after one round, he motioned that it was time to continue handstand work, and when the guy went to mount, Byamba tied him up again.  Ha ha.  After “I can do it alone…”

ITA was good, with a few more shifts in the guys in our section. I guess I’m getting to be an okay porter though, I got to port solo for The Trapezist and The Dreamer who did a few taps that really did a number on my back.  I realized that the reason it’s fun to port is the quiet satisfaction you get with each successful catch.  I also got to fly, and had to call out the catches for The Clown.

We did assessment in preparation physique, today, and I only beat my pull-ups and pushups by 1 each.  21, and 43, respectively.

Bit of a drama in main a main when one of the porters dropped barre russ, when The Trapezist was in a handstand.

The Trapezist, The Clown, and I went out to pizza night, and bitched about all the changes in the class lineups.  He and The Contortionist and The American and I were hanging out in the pit.  Two of the first years continue to complain about Alex and saying they wanted to leave the school.  I just look at them and see the two people who could have been here instead of them.  We also talked about how cool Byamba is.

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