Circus acrobat on stage at a street performing festival in Spain

Headache Again

No flexi teacher today!  Interesting observation on differences in training philosophies: no one wanted to do flexi with me last night, because we had flexi today, but no one worked on flexi today when there was no teacher!  I was pretty stiff, though.  The lady from the magazine that was supposedly going to talk to me was around, but she did not talk to me.

Dance went okay, we had our presentations today.  Daniela and Pierrette came up to watch them.  I was not to happy with the way that our piece turned out, but I’m glad its over and it was fun working with The Trampolinist, anyway.  I found out later it was Martine’s birthday, but I don’t think anyone knew.

Equilibe was fun.  I like that Larissa is so tough on me.  We did headstands today too, for my first time.  I wasn’t holding things very well, though.  Larissa pulled The Clown’ hair on his legs when he fell once.  On purpose, according to The Clown.  Welcome to Eastern Europe!  The The Trapezist and me rumor is getting pretty out of control.  I’m sure it will die down eventually.

When I couldn’t afford apple juice with my 81 cents I tried to get support from everyone in the cafeteria to smash the machine open and feast on the juice inside.  And then call the company up and tell them that the machine is broken.  No takers.

I was exhausted in acro.  Maybe due to not eating enough lately and also maybe due to the fact that I woke up at 5 with another darn headache.  Trampoline conditioning was hard for me for the first time, but maybe also because I was hungry and tired with no water.  Time to fix that crap.

Then my first handstands class with Byamba officially with him there.  It was fun.  Same exercises, but I just tried to work really hard to make the best of it.  I have decided to use a three-finger grip in Byamba’s class despite Larissa having me use a two-fingered grip.  I don’t bend my arms anyway, so I don’t think it will matter much.

I was all set to go after equilibre, but then when I was in the shower, I found out The Trapezist wanted to do flexi with me.  I got teased for that.  We did straddle, pike, splits, toe point.  All good.  Afterwards, I played a bit with windmills and learning circles on equipment in the gym.  It was fun, and then I did all my grocery shopping for quite some time I think.  Tech talk is supposed to call me tonight to do an alumni profile.  Hope I do a good job.

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