Poster for an acrobatic circus show in Holland

Decided To Like It

Trampo was frustrating, ITA was typical, juggling was typical, and another first year moved into our hand to hand class now because we were missing porters.  Movement was fun because I decided to like it today.  Need to do that more.  We did a thing with one person of a pair humming and the other punctuating it with crazy motions and percussive noises.  Then we did four humming with one leader and one being the percussive guy.  Everyone wanted me to be percussive, so I did it and tried to play as much as possible, and people enjoyed it a lot.  I played with The Tumbler because he is always so scared in that class.

Had a fun talk with the three girls from the first year that don’t hang out with us as much.  They’d all be really fun friend.   I told them to hang out with us more. 

Free training was fun.  I invented the pike drill with blocks today and hit a full pike for what I think is my first time on my own!  Yee ha!  Also decided to start drilling back tucks.

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