Street performing circus acrobats on tour in Spain


Started the day with planche.  Not the best day as far as jumps go, but I did exit the board with the run and jump version which is a bit scarier.  One of the times though, I went too early and the jumpers landed with no weight on the board.  Oops.  The Artist got frustrated with me at one point.  Then we switched to minitramp into the pit, and I did a 2 ½ front and a cool little thing on a bench setup, ½ on, full off.  Then I did a double full to my face.

After that was the meeting for the evaluation concept which we needed to totally retool since our homeless guy idea did not pass.  We are now a circus family in the modern day who is evidently very distractible.  There was a moment of imagined conflict when I told The Clown that he interrupted too much.  He at first was defensive, but then told me he realized I was right.  The cigarette smoke and pot bothered me.  We were in the meeting for like 3 hours and then went to a party.  Here are the things I remember from the weekend:


Doing a backflip to get a student discount to see “Amelie,”  that great French movie about the girl by the City of Lost Children guy.

Sitting in the coffee shop with The Trapezist and The Clown with The Clown forgetting that we were waiting on him to go while he talked and talked and talked.

Black light bathrooms

Getting Tintin and Asterix to work on my French.

Seeing Zoolander and Cirque du Soleil and Shanghai Noon all in one day.

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