Circus acrobats doing a streetshow under a big top in France


Flexi with The Acrobat, dance without a partner because The Trampolinist was out with a seemingly imagined ankle injury.  I thought that Martine was mad at me maybe for missing class on my half day, but all she said was to rehearse mentally on those days as well.  Then came the show, it was fun watching it with the other students.  After the show was teaching, which was uneventful except for the young kids being a handful without being able to control them, and then screwing up by taking apart a tightwire that I was supposed to leave up.

Then was a little party at The Clown’s, and I can’t remember much about that except hearing The Hotshot saying ‘You suck,’ at me by mistake when he was translating something about planche practice.  I also heard about the devil planche guy who did a full, double full, full off of planche, and the audience didn’t clap any more than they did for a full, full, full.

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