Graduating class of the National Circus School of Montreal

Who are these people?!

Byamba was gone again today.  I am really starting to worry again.

Physical conditioning, trampo, improvements come slowly.  I did learn the plongeon, and did not have too much of a tough time with it.  The trick for all the forward turning things is to feel that banana peel slip kind of thing when you initiate.  Carol showed me some drills to help find that feeling.

ITA was nothing really since Richard and Alex were gone, and Juggling was boring too.  Hand to hand was hand to hand.

The real meat of the day was interacting with a few of the first years and all that at a pitiful tiny pizza night while everyone else was at Cirque du Soleil for history of circus class.

After training was over, I trained for a long time on side summies with the mats, both with and without shoes.  They came along pretty well, and I got some nice instruction on butterflies as well.  I want to get those, and soon, both of them!  Then I took a quick shower and came upstairs for some flexi work.  One of the flexible high school students had the idea that he would be my flexibility teacher for the 45 minutes or so, and so I had my own private flexi lesson!  Not too bad.

The Dreamer picked at a juggling ball and then saying “Oh! It’s broken!”  when it suddenly started shooting rice out of it made me die laughing because she is so funny and just so incredibly understated.

The Clown is in a mood where he hates everyone, “except you because you are ‘fun.’”

Then came the pizza night!  Oh my gosh, one of the first years told us about how she likes one of the upperclassmen, and how she doesn’t want a relationship with him, just that she wants… you know! 

Oh my god, some of our classmates are turning out to be very different than we imagined.  She said that she liked to think that people think of her as attractive, and also admitted that she thinks The Clown is attractive (and me too, “maybe”).  “Are boys easier to ‘you know’ when they smoke drugs?”  holy cow!  We’re all getting muscular, though. 

Another in our year was my physical conditioning partner for ab work and touched my abs and started to laugh.  “It’s because you were hard!”

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